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  2. Service contains sexually explicit materials intended for adults only. If you are under 18 you must leave this website.
  3. Girl of the Day website does not take any responsibility for content uploaded by users.
  4. User is responsible for uploaded photos.
  5. User declares that uploaded photos do not infringe the copyrights.
  6. It is firmly not allowed to upload photos:
    1. that insult religious feelings, persuade to violence, racial hatred and other unlawful behaviors
    2. presenting persons without their consent and knowledge
    3. presenting persons under the 18 years old.
  7. Uploading photo you have to meet with specific requirements:
    1. photo cannot contain advertising content
    2. photo must show the whole girl, not just a part of it
    3. photo must present one girl
    4. photo must be in good quality. Allowed minimum resolution is 400x400 pixels.
  8. Photos inconsistent with Girl of the Day website statute will be deleted.
  9. Girl of the Day administrator is allowed to delete user photo without providing any explanation.
  10. Girl of the Day administrator is allowed to block or delete user account when the statute regulations were broken.
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  12. Girls of the Day owner is allowed to change Girl's of the Day statute.